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Tim Mallon, Mallon Tax

Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers:

We’re a North East based tax and accounting consultancy business who build strong, enduring, relationships with our clients.  Our advice enables them to increase their wealth.

Our advice is clear, unambiguous and easy to understand; we don’t use jargon.


Some of our services are typical of other North East accountants with over 35 years experience advising clients. 
But others are less typical and this means that from straightforward accounts to complex tax advice, we have your back.

We build good relationships with our clients

Good advice is founded on a good relationship. An ability to be honest with each other. A willingness to accept constructive criticism.  The drive to work together to achieve the  best outcome. We’re sure that we will get on well.

North East Tax Advisers

North East Tax Advisers

We don’t work for free but we provide great value!

We prefer to agree a fixed-fee quote for our work before we start so that there are no surprises for anyone. Sometimes the nature of the planning work we do can make that difficult but let’s have a chat!

For “compliance work”, be that the annual preparation of accounts, tax returns or payroll, we prefer to spread the cost over twelve monthly instalments with payments by direct debit.  

That all sounds good, doesn’t it?  Please contact us….

North East Tax Advisers

North East Tax Advisers

We aren’t afraid to tell you what we think!

We all have opinions. Having provided tax and accounting consultancy advice for over 35 years and having witnessed many sector-wide and business-specific changes, Tim Mallon isn’t afraid to share his, and to offer some free tax planning pointers along the way.  

To see what he is musing about at the moment, check out our blog….

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